my home is
where my heart is


Intuitive Yoga (Free Yoga Class)

Every Sunday, 6-7 p.m. (German Time)
—> Except: 23. January 2022

Let's dive deeply into your intuition.

I would love to support your inner guidance for your body, your empathy and your very own flow.

Just listen to your body. It's your best buddy :-)

This online-course is for free. Join us via Zoom whenever you want.


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 851 8935 3022

Passcode: 769074​


Online-Kurse auf Deutsch

ab 4. Februar, 19:30-20:15 Uhr, 10x

Meditation und Coaching

—> auf Spendenbasis

Schreib mir einfach eine eMail oder Whats App, wenn du mitmachen möchtest:

+49 151 41919041


NEU: Für Firmen/Teams

Individuelles Gruppencoaching rund um Themen wie Gesundheit, Ernährung, Entspannung und Yoga

-> Bitte sprich mich darauf an, wenn du Interesse hast.


Coming soon

ab 29. März, 19-19:45 Uhr, 10x
Atem und Meditation
-> Anmeldung über VHS Eckental, wenn das neue Programm online ist.

ab 30. März, 19-19:45 Uhr, 10x

Den eigenen Flow finden
-> Anmeldung über VHS Eckental, wenn das neue Programm online ist.

ab 31. März, 19-19:45 Uhr, 10x

Emotionales Essen
-> Anmeldung über VHS Eckental, wenn das neue Programm online ist.

ab 2. Mai, 19-19:45 Uhr, 5x
Atem und Meditation
-> Anmeldung über TSG 08 Roth fit+aktiv, wenn das neue Programm online ist.


Free Weekly Events

Every first Saturday, 8-9 pm (German Time)
Start: 2nd of April 2022

May I surprise you once per week?

With this event I want so give you a wonderful magical time.

Maybe with Yoga, a Meditation, creative Writing, Singing or Nutrition.

Let's see what the universe wants from us <3

Please prepare your

- (Yoga)Mat

- Paper and Pencils

- Water​


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About Me & My Offer For You

I call my life the long way back into my heart.

In Yoga your soul resides in your heart.

May I tell you a little bit about my story?

Born in 1976 in Roth, Bavaria, Germany, I learned very fast that life is about achievement.

So, I started in the age of 19 with Triathlon for almost 20 years. It was a wonderful time and I appreciated it so much.

When I look back now, I feel like, this is not me anymore. I changed. Yoga changed me. And it brought my closer to myself and my heart.

Then another "event" in my life put my life up side down: My knee accident on Kaua'i. After a really heard time in Germany I decided to travel back to Kaua'i and I didn't know to that time how long this journey would be.

And that I would find another magical place, I never had on my bucket list: British Columbia, Canada.

Have you ever felt called by places?

I do.

Maybe this is my journey.


You know, in the past I did a lot of trainings: Yoga, Mental Training, Bodywork, Nutrition and I studied Science in Education, Psychology and Philosophy - and everything brought me closer to myself.

At one hand.

At the other hand it gave me so many rules and restrictions how things should work.

Things I already "knew" before, intuitively, when I was a kid.


When I was a kid I observed my thoughts. When I was a teenager I needed a lot of silence before a test.


I had no idea or knowledge about meditation or manifestation. I just did it.

And then I forgot ... 

Have you ever felt or sensed that everything is inside of you? I did. It was sooo beautiful.

And those moments when there are no thoughts at all.


When there is so much now that you feel forced to stay in the present moment.

You can’t grab any thought at all. No past. No future. No story behind.

That you are endlessly. I would love to share with you that sensation.

It’s so beautiful.

I feel I am here to support people and to connect them.

And to experience, that there is so much more than I thought, because thought only limitate me.

And I guess, I am here to learn to let go. And to trust to the full. To be humble and grateful. To appreciate and to love.

Phew. Lot's lot tasks my soul wants to experience. And not to expect anything.


Then the magic can happen. This is what I experienced.


And I am still working on it.


What does your soul wants? And is there really a "wanting"?


I would love to listen to you.

What can I do for you? How can I support you? What do you need?

And yes, with my knee accident I learned more and more to take help and to allow people to help me. I would love to help you.

Please feel free to contact me:

+49 151 41919041

All my English classes and Coachings in English are for free. You can donate me if you want.

Aloha, Doris


I love to (re)connect

Danke für's Absenden!